What kind of camera do you have?
Megan: Canon Rebel Xti
Keri: Fujifilm S 5100
Lindsey: Fuji film point and shoot, but my plan is to get a Canon S70
Magen: Canon

What kind of sewing machine do you have?

Megan: Bernette 66
Keri: Brother NX-200
Lindsey: Husqavarna Viking
Magen: Husqavarna Viking

What are some of your favorite kitchen tools or appliances?
Megan: My pizza stone, my FOUR sharp knives, my Bosche, Wilton ice cream scoop.
Keri: Wisk, wooden spoon, cheese slicer (it is weird but I like to mix things by hand)
Lindsey: Chef knives, heat resistant spatulas, my Bosche
Magen: My KitchenAid mixer (& my dishwasher)

What's your ultimate comfort food?
Megan: Scrambled eggs with cheese
Keri: Ice cream, Mint chocolate chip (but aggie blue mint is also pretty fantastic, as well as Arctic circles Brownie cheescake, and I'd really take comfort in any ice cream)
Lindsey: Chicken Enchiladas
Magen: Huckleberry Pie & Whip Cream

What is something you want to learn how to do in the next year?
Megan: Make different kinds of soap, take a photography class
Keri: Glass Etching
Lindsey: I want to be more creative when presenting my meals.
Magen: I would love to know more about photography and how to take a great picture.