About Us

Hi! I'm Megan, the amateur designer of this blog, don't judge! I am really excited about this project. Some of my hobbies include: sewing, baking, cooking, reading, movies, and photography. One of my favorite quotes about creativity is by Albert Einstein, "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." :) Unfortunately, I am a copier when it comes to being creative so most of my projects will be ideas from other people. I won't be hiding my sources however! I have one fantastic husband, Ben, and two beautiful kids, Andrew & Olivia. I also take college classes online, but this blog is going to start taking over my homework I fear. Now for the real creative geniuses...

Hi, I'm Keri and I love creating! I think instead of being blessed with one talent that I exceed in I've been blessed to love dabbling in many areas of life and being more intermediate at many things! But I love to work with my hands and make things. Some of the things I have been dabbling in are sewing, painting, photography, wire works, embossing, scrapbooking, sometimes cooking, and any small detail projects! If I come across anything interesting, I try and copy it and then add my own spin to it. Lately I've been in school and I'm hoping to become an interior designer and possibly one day an architect. I'll be taking a break soon because I can't quite manage motherhood (Two wild but sweet girls), wifery, and school without dropping some of the important responsibility! I'm really looking forward to sharing ideas on this blog and hope somebody will benefit!
Hi, I'm Lindsey. I have been married for 2 1/2 years to Tyler. I am a full time student at Utah State, majoring in Family & Consumer Sciences. I like to go boating, camping, and mountain biking. I also love to sew, bake, and play board games. (Editor's note: she is also Megan's cousin!)

My name is Magen. I am Wife to a wonderful husband and Mommy to 2 adorable boys. I love to garden, read, decorate, scrapbook, run, cook, celebrate, laugh, sew, and play. I am preparing to run the Top of Utah half-marathon with my husband this summer.