T-shirt Makeover….

IMG_0113I found this T-shirt at K-mart for 50 cents, I loved the color, but it was too big, but I thought I could do something with it. This is what I came up with.IMG_0099
The first thing I did was fold it in half and press with the iron, then I unfolded it and cut the front along that line. IMG_0100IMG_0102
Then I took fabric from a jelly roll that I had on hand, measured the length of the cut front + seam allowance and cut 4 pieces that length. With right sides together, sew two together the long way, and then the other two together the long way and press open.
Press over a little bit (I did about a 1/2 inch) toward the wrong side of these then fold wrong sides together and press the long way. This helps everything lay better in the next steps.
I wanted to have another little accent piece so I measured another length of fabric, then pressed it in half to make the orange stripe.
Now you make a sandwich using all the pieces. First, the first the large accent piece, then the edge of the shirt you cut, then the small accent piece, and finally the other half of the large accent piece. Then pin everything together and sew along the edge of the large accent piece. I sewed 2 lines because I like how that looks, but you can do whatever you would like.
Then repeat with the other half of your shirt.
I wanted buttons the entire way down, it is just a preference. You could do 2 buttons like a cardigan or use snaps or just leave it open if you want, but I really REALLY like using my button hole foot on my sewing machine and I like sewing on buttons on my machine, it is so fast and fun. (I need to get our more, I know.)
I measured where I wanted button holes, then used my sewing machine to sew them.
Then I marked and sewed on my buttons, trimmed the threads and all done. I like how it turned out, it fits nicely now that I took a little out and the button flaps overlap. Keep an eye out for clearance shirts…. I bet this could be used on a sweater too…. I let you know if I try it, have a great day!

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