Organizing Our Home: The Linen Closet

The Linen Closet is really a multi-purpose closet at our house. The sheets live here, as well as tableclothes, my coupon file, candles, and our family games. (Sometimes extra toilet paper, as you can see). But on my quest to be more organized, I had to tackle this closet and to tell you the truth I usually just close it and walk away.

I will make a confession, I hate folding sheets! The fitted sheets never turn out the same size as the matching flat sheet and they never look nicely folded. And then when someone goes looking for something (or climbs the shelves to try and get to the games) and sheets come falling out or they get stuffed back onto the shelf! Ugh, I just hated this closet!

So here is the BEFORE picture. EEK! How embarrassing!
 And the AFTER! Much better. So here is what I did. I first got this idea from here, which I found via Pinterest and then I have tweeked it to my own needs. The blue baskets are from Dollar Tree, yes the dollar store! Our store had a couple other colors, but I like the blue/turquoise best.
 I actually rolled on the sheets and pillowcases so that they fit into the round baskets and looked nice and neat. 
The labels were made with white cardstock, a $1 stamp set from Walmart, $1 ink from Walmart, and Jute Twine that I actually got for another project for Christmas (I'll share it later, of course if it works). I didn't want my tags to be too perfect and so I just stamped and inked the edges, then tied them on.
 Here is a close up. And these are the supplies from Walmart. 

I hope this inspires you to tackle your linen closet too. What is your secret for keeping a linen closet organized?


  1. That looks SO nice! Great work...now maybe I'll have to attack my junk closet.