Quiet Book

So my little baby turns one in two weeks. It is crazy how time flies. One comes with a whole new age of walking, fidgeting, and general ransacking of the house. This has also become a difficulty at church lately so I have been working on a project, a quiet book! While it won't entertain my little baby, it will entertain my older girls and give me a chance to keep all the kids at a manageable noise level. :)

This is the folder I plan to keep it all in. It is a regular folder that I modge podged with a pink fabric.
The first page is a red barn. It has two folding doors. I sewed the doors first and then the top of the barn. I outlined the top of the barn with white. All the pages and contents are made from felt. The doors of the barn are double layered and contain paper to make them stiffer.
Under the doors I have a white pocket. I sewed the white pocket first. It now contains 4 finger pockets. A pig, a cat, a cow, and a chicken.
The second page is a Mr. Potato head. I have since added more accessories...I have to admit, I got a little carried away with all the fun faces I could put on the Mr. Potato! (I'll update more pictures next week)

I have three more pages that currently working on but I will update those next week!


  1. So fun! I really need to make one too, but my ideas are so big for what I want I get overwhelmed before even starting :) Can't wait to see more! :)