Going from long sleeve to short sleeve

My husband and I have been in the military life for about a year and a half now and with that comes relocating to new climates on a regular basis.  I grew up in the mountains and always had a closet full of long sleeve shirts but I'm learning that while we're in the military it might be a good idea to have only short sleeve shirts and many cute sweaters!  In any case, if you have a shirt with long sleeves that you would like to make short sleeves here is a simple tutorial.  The shirt I'm using is great for this because it comes with cuffs on the end of the sleeve.  
 First I found a shirt in my closet that I wanted for my sleeve length.  Then I compared the length on the shirt and marked it on one sleeve.  Then I folded the shirt in half and cut both sleeves simultaneously. (to ensure that the sleeves matched in length)
 I then removed the cuffs with a seam ripper.  I would not recommend doing this without a seam ripper as pulling on the string or using scissors can damage the material.
 I then took the cuffs and pinned them to the bottom of my new sleeve length.  (Pin right sides together)
 Then sew the cuff on the sleeve.
And voila!

In retrospect I cut the sleeve length a little too long for my preference.  I measured at the bottom of the sleeve from the other shirt and that is incorrect because I didn't take into consideration the length of my cuffs and the sewn hem.  But I now have a quarter length sleeve and I still like the result!