Chore chart

Ahh summer! So fun for the kids to be out of school and to have a little break, but with the break comes a break down in schedules. In in effort to avoid that at our house we've established a visual chore chart. One pocket for each child (and one for mom) contains Popsicle sticks that list the chores. Everyday we check the weekday pocket for our popsicle sticks (color coordinated to match the pockets) to see what today's chores are. Then when the chores are done for the day kids can stash finished chores in a middle pocket!
First I got my tools:
popsicle sticks
glue gun and glue sticks
Thick cardboard backer (for chore chart)

Then I cut 6 days out (we decided to have Sunday be our rest day from chores)
and then I cut the capital letter for each day of the week
Then using the glue gun I glued the days of the week, a middle pocket, and 4 top pockets. Keep in mind, to make a pocket to only glue around the edges, if you glue in the center...it won't be a pocket. (I did for get this at first and we had to tear the weekdays off and try again)
Then using markers I colored the sticks to match each child and with a black felt tip marker wrote the specific chores for each child that they are responsible for.
I am also going to be creating reward cards for optional chores. (20 minute media cards, treat cards, 1.00$....)

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  1. That is a great idea! I will definatly keep this in mind for when addie is older and can actually particiate in chores! Thanks for sharing, I love the idea!