Easy Job Chart

I really try to keep our home a happy and orderly place…some days are better than others… I really want to teach my boys good habits and how to be responsible for their own things and not expect me to clean up after them.

So to help my 2 year old start learning all of thee above, I put together this Job Chart.

What you need:

One Muffin Tin (I used a cheap kind & a regular size, you could use the mini ones too if you have older kids or want to put more than one kid’s jobs on the same tin)

Chipboard (or an old cereal box)

ModPodge & Brush

Scrapbook Paper

Pictures or Words of the Jobs

Stapler & Staples


1. Measure how big your squares need to be… I actually just took a piece of scrap paper and made a template of how big I wanted them, then cute 12 squares out of your scrapbook paper.

2. Cut matching squares out of the chipboard

3. Adhere your words or pictures for you jobs with ModPodge (you could just use glue, I knew this chart would have to take a bit of abuse so I thought ModPodge would be best)

4. I used those free magnets you get from businesses for the back… I put the magnet on the back but on the bottom of the square, this helps to hold the prize in the cup when it is hung up… To hook them all together I used a simple stapler. It was fast, easy and boy-ish.

5. Put your squares over the cups, add a ribbon through the hole to hang and you are done.

My 2 year old has really gotten excited about this chart…why? Because I put his ‘pennies’ ( he will do anything for pennies right now-he loves to buy books from the DI with his own $$) right in the cup under the job. When he completes the task he gets to get out the penny and put it in his money jar. I have also been using single stickers, smarties etc.

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