Kid Crafty

I have been bugging my daughter (I think this is what term she would use because she seems annoyed that I keep asking) what she wants to be for Halloween. I told her no on the pirate because that was what she was last year so we have settled on princess. While we were browsing hobby lobby yesterday we saw these little masks and feathers and I thought it would be cute to make a pink mask to go with her princess dress! I think I like how it turned out and it was very simple to make. We smothered it with elmers glue, sprinkled glitter over it and then glued feathers on. This is a fun project that can get pretty creative with all t
he decorative feathers out there. I can't wait to make my mask!
Just a side note...they do have children's masks that will fit their faces better than this adult size mask! (And only 2.00$ at hobby lobby)

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