Christmas Wreath

Yes I realize Christmas is over... but I have to back track and blog about all of the gifts I made so bear with me. This wreath just might be the perfect thing to make right now actually. I am pretty sure all the leftover Christmas bulbs are on clearance and there may be more time for projects now that the festivities are over. I found this super easy idea at Hope Studios... See her more detailed instructions HERE.

For this project you will need:
A wire hanger-- I would actually recommend skipping that and just getting regular wire at a craft store. Those wire hangers are seriously strong and hard to work with!
Tons of Christmas ornaments-- I bought all of mine (about 60-80 regular sizes bulbs) at dollar stores.
Glue gun! Don't skip this item!

First, hot glue all the tops of the ornaments together. I HIGHLY recommend you do this! We had a bit of a disaster when I dropped the wreath and lost most of my ornaments. It would have been so much easier to work with if the bulbs were all glued and stable!

After all the ornaments are glued, you just slide them one by one onto the wire. Ta Da! It's really that easy. Tie the top of the wire together and affix a ribbon to the top if you want. If you need more detailed instructions, check out Hope Studios blog. Merry Late Christmas!

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  1. So FUN! I have actually been making a ton of these because Christmas Ornaments are like SUPER CHEAP right now. I made a wreath like this for Valentine's Day too. so fun!