Yoga Mat Bag

Well I am finally jumping back into the blogging world after having a baby! I am now back tracking to post all the Christmas gifts I made last year. This yoga mat bag was for my brother-in-law.

The tutorial for this bag is by Laurie Wisburn. Go HERE for her instructions. I didn't follow her instructions exactly, but close enough to get some good ideas. For the inside material, bottom, and handle, I used ripstop fabric. That made it really durable. I also used something similar to a shoelace for the tie. Trying to make a tie out of fabric was a pain. (click on the picture for a closer look) My main pieces of fabric were longer and wider than the 17in.X27in. that she recommended. Mine was probably more like 20inX30in. I wanted plenty of wiggle room.

My brother-in-law loved it and to prove it's manly enough, I made my handsome husband model for me. :) Thanks Ben!

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  1. ooh I love it. I just barely started getting into Yoga so this is perfect!