DIY Plate Stands

Plate stands are super popular right now and I have seen so many different styles and types, but here is my take on it. A month or so ago I ran across about 12 brass candlesticks at the D.I. They were dirty and didn't match each other, but I knew I could use them. I also found a mismatched assortment of glass plates.

This really was an easy project (a little time consuming because I did have to wait for the glue and paint to dry).
I thoroughly washed the plates and candlesticks and then used E6000 to glue them together. This was my first time using this glue, but I LOVE it and I can't wait to use it on more projects. Beware it does stick a little bit.

The candlesticks I found were metal and they actually came unscrewed into different sections, so I took them apart and mix and matched them to make taller sticks and used the E6000 to glue them together. Then I glued the candlesticks to the plates. Let it set. Primed the whole thing. Then I painted. I used a red paint, blue paint, white paint, hammered metal spray paint and I left one entirely glass.  I did spray a clear coat over the top, but I still wouldn't actually eat off of these. I did serve cupcakes from them, but they had papers on them. Here is the finished product.

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  1. Dirty never deters me anymore when I thrift...spray paint is the ultimate makeup for scary finds...lol...

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice Thursday...Hope to see more of your ideas this week!

  2. Innovating idea..This is simply awesome idea of making use of the left out things which later turns out to be a priceless one and decorative material for the home like this plate stand. Appreciable work done.