Faux Metal Wall Art

I love the look of Metal Wall Art, unfortunately I have a few problems with it the first being the price and second how heavy it can be. A few months ago I had an idea pop into my head to make my own using toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. I started saving them and then started to experiment. The glass for this frame had been broken, but I had kept it around (I knew there was something to do with it).

1. choose your frame and cut your toilet paper tubes to be the same width as your frame.
2. Start laying out your design. I just kinda did whatever and the design made itself, but you could easily mimic a pattern you liked. I used a pencil to help me curl the strips of cardboard and then simply hot glued them together. (you could use other glue, but I liked how fast it dried, I am not very patient)

 Here is a side view before I painted it.
 And a close up (sorry so blurry) but you can see the seam were it had been glued.
 Once I had my design created I hot glued it into the frame and then I spray painted it with a black hammered metal spray paint. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PAINT! It covered the flaws and the hammered look made it totally look like metal.
And here is the finished product. Luckily, it is light because my 3 year old was trying to put something up on this shelf to hide it from his brother and knocked everything onto his head, but no damage was done to him or to the wall art.


  1. That is amazing and something I am definitely going to try! You are so creative!

  2. WoW! This is SO cute! I love your creativity!

  3. Very creative! It's amazing what you can do with the leftover rolls.

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  4. Brilliant! Here from Sugar Bee's FB feature.

  5. Great job! I did something similar back at the beginning of the year. http://www.suzyssitcom.com/2010/12/feature-friday-faux-metal-wall-art.html

    Isn't it nice to find ways to recycle beautifully?