Little Chair Makeover....

My Birthday was a few weeks ago, YIPPEE! While I was at soccer practice some one the ladies I work with  at church "redecorated" my house.... I came home from practice to find this:
 and this:
 And this (yes it is a giant wooden goose):
 and this:
and this: 
 Of all the lovely things they left for me I actually really liked this little chair and I thought with some love and new paint it would be really fun, besides my 1 year old fell in love and kept dragging it around the house.
So, the first thing I did was scrape, scrape, scrape.... then sand, sand, sand

then Prime and then I started to paint. I really wanted this to look nice, so I was patient (very unlike me) and put on thin even coates of paint and I waited until it was completely dry and I used paint I already had which made this cheap!

 Then, I roughed up the edges a little bit and now it is perfect.

***Just a note, watch for another GIVEAWAY coming soon!****

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