Antique Pictures

I made my first antique picture at a work party I had--the idea came from one of the ladies I work with. It's a really fun idea that can turn an ordinary picture into a unique antique.

What you'll need:
Canvas panels- lots of different sizes at most craft stores, my boards are 8 X 10
Modge podge- the regular stuff works best
Sponge brush- i notice the wider the better
A picture printed on normal printing paper-not on photo paper
An old credit card or hotel key
Razor blade or sharp knife

Start by painting a thick layer of modge podge on your canvas board. This will be your glue holding your paper to your board.

Even out the modge podge by running your brush once over the entire board. Place your picture on top of the board. **Make sure it's even the first time because you will have more bubbles if you pull the picture off and try to stick it back on and because we will be cutting off some of the edges.**

Smooth out your paper with a plastic card of some type. BE CAREFUL NOT TO RUB/PRESS TOO HARD BECAUSE IT MAY RIP THE PAPER OR PEEL OFF SOME OF THE COLOR.

Paint a couple layers of modge podge across the top of your paper. This will also help it stick and it creates that antiqued look. The more modge podge you put on top, the glossier your picture will be.

Let your picture dry for at least 24 hours.

After 24 hours, place your picture face down on a cutting mat. Using a razor blade, cut around the outside of your picture. The dried modge podge will be kind of hard to cut through so you have to press kind of hard.

Now to display your picture I thought of a couple options. You could hang it from ribbon, find a picture frame or you could use an unfinished frame glued to the back. If you think of any other fun options, please let me know.


  1. I am going to have to try this! What a great idea and thanks for the canning tips...