Personalized Wreath

Every year, my family has a huge reunion and we always do an auction to raise money for the next reunion. I never usually contribute much but since I have turned over a new leaf in the creativity department, I decided to try something new. I found the idea for this personalized wreath at a blog called Lil' Luna... see the tutorial HERE. I personally think hers was much cuter than mine but oh well, I'm an amateur. :)

(PS- my camera flash made it look like there are scratches on the letter but that was just the texture.)
You will need:
A wreath
A cardboard or wood letter (found at most craft stores)
Craft Paint
1 sheet of scrapbook paper

Start by painting the sides of the letter and a little on the top so it doesn't show through the paper.

Put one coat of mod podge on the wood and then lay the traced paper letter on that.

Mod podge the top of the scrapbook paper. Once dried, turn it over and use an exacto knife to cut any excess paper off the sides. I sanded the sides of mine a little to make it look aged.

Finally, tie the letter to the wreath using whatever ribbon you can find that matches. In the tutorial, she gets a little more creative with hanging her letter. She also added a really cute little family message but that style looked better with her larger M than it did with my little P.

Ta Da! One beautiful and inexpensive wreath. I used the letter P because most of my family has a last name starting with that letter. After the reunion, I will update everyone on how much it sold for. I am really excited to see who buys it!


  1. Way to go Meg! You are doing a great job posting, ha ha. Sorry I am a slacker. I am working on a project now but I don't think it will be done by Monday.