Diaper Cake

I saw this idea at a baby shower many years ago and have added my own twist on making my own diaper cake. These can be very elaborate or very simple. This diaper cake was made for a little boy, I find that it is easier to go all out on trinkets and additions with girls.

First I take one diaper (size 1 or newborn) and I roll it up and tape it (scotch tape is easiest). One bag of 50 diapers is sufficient for a whole cake.
Next I take another diaper and wrap it around the first diaper and tape it. I continue to roll diapers and tape them to the previous diaper until I have the roll size I like. The bottom layer I use about 25 diapers, the middle 18, and for the top I use 7. I've tried more even numbers but this seems to be the best combination. (I am a little obsessive compulsive about the numbers being 25, 15, and 10 but it just doesn't work as well). After I have rolled all my cakes I take 3 different materials that I've purchased at the store (Joannes and walmart sell small quilt squares for about 1.00(Wal-mart)-3.00(Joannes)$. Joannes has a greater selection. I take the top layer first and wrap the material over the diapers and pin it at the bottom with my finger and then glue with a hot glue gun. It is a bit tricky and I've burned myself every time I've made a cake. I pull the material several times and glue it until I get it looking the way I desire.
For a final touch on the layer I put a fat ribbon around it. (Usually this color coordinates with my fabric)
Continue this step with the other two layers. After the cake is complete I stack it just the way I like it and add extra fun stuff for the baby. (Additions for the mother are also a good idea.)

The last cake I made was for a little girl and I included a play cell phone and play jewelery-very fun!

After everything is added I take cellophane and wrap the cake and tie it with the same ribbon I used to tie around each cake layer.

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