Creative writing

Today I don't have any pictures, crafts, or anything visual to share but I think it is important to mention creative writing when considering creativity. One of the greatest pleasures I have in life is reading and writing. When I am able to bring a story to life on paper it really is one of the greatest feelings in the world. I am not a great or accomplished writer but I do believe that the first step to becoming great at anything is studying. People go to school and learn about anatomy and biology and great number of other things to become experts on the body (doctors) and in order to be a great writer research is key! This is actually the greatest research too, because it requires reading the books you love to read. I aspire to write children's books so I read children's books every chance I get.
Recently my sister gave me a great idea to help aspiring writers get their ideas down on paper. Start with writing out short summaries of scenes until you reach the end of your story. This method is great because it helps you find the direction you want to take with your book and in a general sense so that you can later return with detail. My most recent story has about 52 scenes and I could have made more! Next write out all the characters, their names, and a short description. This is a good beginning for anybody who is interested in writing a short (or long!) story.
I would also like to point everyone to a blog by my brother-in-law who is a writer. If you leave a comment about a character, event, and place he will write a short story! Check it out.


  1. You are SO right! You should post one of your stories! And totally check out that website, it's fun!!

  2. I like the idea that you posted and think it is a great idea. One of the things that helps me is just sitting down and writing. I don't worry about making it perfect the first time or it gets to frustrating. So I just write (: