Photography Classes

A few years ago my husband and I splurged and bought a nice digital SLR camera. We have absolutely loved it but I was a little overwhelmed by all the features! I had learned a few little tricks along the way but really felt like I almost wasted my money on a nice camera I didn't even know how to use...

So for my birthday this year, my awesome husband bought me photography lessons through the highly talented Brooke Snow in Logan! She is such an excellent teacher and really makes everything easy to understand. I would highly recommend her if you live in the area... or if you don't, she now offers online classes too!

Our first class was on aperture and metering. Here are some of my photos from week 1. This picture was taken with a high aperture, thus everything in the picture is crisp...

Now this picture was taken with a low aperture, notice the rose really pops in comparison! Totally awesome, huh? :)

Okay now in this picture, my camera is still set to the low aperture, notice how the plant in the corner is blurry. Not so pretty for this picture, right?

With my camera set to a high aperture, everything in the picture is clear and much better looking. (And my kids happened to hug which makes the picture extra awesome, possibly a miracle!)

I have also learned how to adjust the lighting. As you can see in this picture, it's extra bright...

But with a little flip, I can turn it to this! Much better lighting for the picture even if she isn't smiling. :)
As you may have noticed, this post is not meant to educate you on aperture and metering... I'll leave that to the professionals! What I really wanted was to inspire all of you with fancy cameras but little photography knowledge to take a class or read your manuals. Something my teacher told us in the first class was that a digital SLR camera is basically just an expensive point-and-shoot if you don't know how to use all the features. Don't let your purchase go to waste!

I have always liked photography but now I think I'm in LOVE! :)


  1. I am so impressed with your pictures!! You are so talented. I have always wanted to take a photography class.

  2. These make me miss the kids even more. Great pictures.