Paper Bag Turkey Tutorial

Last week for our Young Womens at our church we were making centerpieces for a Thanksgiving Dinner we do every year for some of the people in our ward. One of the ladies I serve with came up with this idea and it was so fun and EASY!
These Turkeys turned out so cute, this is definitely something you can make with the whole family.

What you need:
paper bags
rubber band
candy corn (I found mine on a SUPER discount at the grocery store)
pipe cleaners
google eyes
crayons (or paint if you are brave)
hot glue gun

1. Cut the bottom out of your bag.
Now you have a paper tube.

2. Then cut your bag down the side.

3. With your bag opened up flat, you can now decorate your turkey. We used crayons (he probably would have been more excited if I had gotten out the paints, but I wasn't brave enough this day).

4. Now crumple it up, smash it, open it up and do it again. This helps your bag have more texture and easier to work with without ripping your bag.
5. Take a scoop, about 1/3 cup of candy corn and put on your bag. (I also used dry black beans for this part, this is the "guts" of your turkey, my boys really liked playing with the turkey guts such boys)

6. Gather your bag up around your guts and secure with the rubber band.

7. Now straighten out your turkey tail and figure out which way your turkey stands best.

8. Take your pipe cleaner and fold in half, then take the top, twist together and then roll it to make a turkey head. Twist the bottom/neck part together too.

9. Hot glue your neck & head on. Then add your google eyes and I cut the tip off a candy corn to make the beak.

10. You are done, find a place to line up your flock of turkeys. We made quite a few and took them to Grandparents.

I hope your family has as much fun as we have with these turkeys!

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