Treasure Island

I recently joined a bunco group and being the "new girl" earned me the right the throw the first themed bunco party this month. I have chosen the theme of Treasure Island! It has been a lot of fun putting together gift ideas and I thought I'd post what I came up with.

The prizes are arranged in order the first 4 being more expensive and then the last
8 of the same value. The more expensive gifts are treasure chests filled with jewelry and chocolate...a bunch loot for girls! So I went to Hobby Lobby in search of treasure chests and found 3 wooden unpainted boxes and varnished them a dark cherry wood. After the varnished dried (2-3 days) I sanded the edges to try and give a aged look. It didn't work very well but I like finished look. I then lined the interior of the boxes with satin fabric and filled it with loot. (chocolate gold coins give a nice finishing touch!)

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  1. CUTE!!! I can't wait!! you did a good job on the chests!