Gourdy Faces

Hooray it is fall! Probably the best time of the year because it is the beginning of all the great stuff: leaves changing colors, oranges and reds, candles burning, fireplaces lit, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and family.

Of course I can't neglect the part where we buy pumpkins and gourds and put them all over the house, and this year I decided to add a little to the gourds. It is fun for your desk at work, or just to have around the house. I hope that it is cold enough today that I need to make some hot cocoa tonight with some fresh ground cinnamon. Yep it is.


  1. How fun! I love the faces, did you free-hand paint all those?

  2. Magen, Yes! I free handed all the faces. I googled facial expressions and used those to get ideas of some faces I wanted to use. :)

  3. You are so good! I really love the idea!

  4. Keri!!! How did I not know you have this blog? Where have I been? (And hello to the other ladies I don't know, but I'm sure we would be friends if we did know each other.) Back to Keri.... I love these pumpkins! They are so cute and I love the fun, whimsical faces. I am really excited to read through the your other posts and see what other fun ideas you have.

    Brie from darlingdoodles.blogspot.com