Organizing Our Home: The Junk Drawer

Something about the change in the season encourages me to change other things too. And lately I've been feeling the need to be more organized. Everyday I get asked, "Where are the scissors?' "Where is the phone charger?" "Have you seen the measuring tape?" "Do we have any tape?" "Are we out of batteries?" Most of these items usually reside in THE JUNK DRAWER. Do you have one? If not you are already way ahead of my family, to us this is the drawer in the kitchen set aside for things that are used often, but need to be stashed away quickly or a place for odds and ends that don't have an obvious home.

Lately, it has been driving me CRAZY! So, I decided to change. This was such a simple and quick change, but I absolutely LOVE how it is working out. The first thing I did was get an over the door organizer with clear vinyl pockets. I picked this one up at Walmart and there is a variety of sizes and styles, this one is more narrow to fit a narrow door in a hallway closet.

Then sort everything into the pockets. Some items got there own pocket, others I grouped into things that are used together; like measuring tape & stud-finder, highlighters, hole punch & white out, small hand tools, etc.

Then I used these adorable printable tags from eighteen25, labeled everything, and taped them into the inside of each pocket. So easy, but very effective. Now everything has a place and I can use the old junk drawer for something really useful. What tips do you have for keeping your family organized?

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  1. I love this idea Magen! (Now I just need to get down to one junk drawer!)