Table centerpiece

For this project you will need a 4x6 picture frame, a coordinating color of paper to fill the frame, a candle globe, a candle, and any color or shape of rocks (I chose black river rocks and small white chips.)
It is very simple, I just replaced the picture frame with the color of paper, in this case I went with red. After that I placed the candle globe on the frame and then spread the river rocks around the globe. Finally I placed the candle inside the globe. As an after thought I put large pieces of cloves inside the globe to give it a fall smell when the candle is lit. In the future I would have also chosen larger candles, maybe a votive red. The neat thing about this centerpiece is it is very interchangeable with the seasons. The paper in the frame can be a darker color to coordinate with the coming fall or even a festive orange or a pastel for spring. The rocks can also be changed out for another kind giving you another look also. I struggle with commitment so this works very well for me!! I also chose to go with three and arrange them together. They aren't glued together so they can be placed alone in a room or together. I really liked how it can be changed around when I am feeling the need for something new.


  1. What a great idea and you could change the paper out with the seasons/holidays... Thanks