Grilled Pizza

Summer is starting to fade and I am trying to get outdoor meals completely out of my system before it does! I have seen grilled pizzas on several food websites and decided to try it myself. It is now my new favorite thing to make. It takes far less time than oven baked pizza and tastes sooo yummy. You have to try it ASAP.

First get all your ingredients ready to go. You will need quick access to them because you have to work fast when getting them on the pizza. You need to have your meats cooked and ready to go. My favorite dough recipe is from Pioneer Woman... find that HERE.

I prefer to make mini pizzas rather than one large one, it's harder to flip a giant one.

Get them all ready to go and generously spread oil onto one side of each one.

Throw them on. Close the cover. Your grill needs to be at medium to medium high. Let them sit for about 5 minutes. Check them. If they are starting to bubble up and are sufficiently brown on bottom, spread some oil on the top and flip them over.

Now you have to work fast to get all the ingredients on. I just throw stuff... it makes for a great surprise when I'm eating. :) Close the grill cover when you have all your ingredients assembled.

Let them cook for another 3-5 minutes until browned on bottom. Pull them off and enjoy! Seriously so yummy, fast, and easy. I'm making this tomorrow! Just looking at the picture is making me hungry. I apologize for my crazy instructions... that's how I cook. If you want more detailed ones, go HERE to Our Best Bites. They have good instructions for grilling pizza as well.

Stay tuned because next week I am posting my all time favorite pizza recipe!

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  1. Sounds so yummy! I was thinking of trying grilled pizza this week too, haha! Thanks for the tips. Can't wait to get your next recipe.