Birthday Celebration Flag

We were in full-swing birthday mode for about a week in April. I think my oldest had started to think everyday was her birthday. As part of her birthday decorations I made a celebration flag from a tutorial of a very crafty friend, Vanessa.
My Top 6 Reasons for celebrating this decoration:

6. You could use leftover fabric if you needed to.
5. It is WAY easy to make.
4. It is cute.
3. You can personalize it for birthdays or other celebrations.
2. It is original.
1. It stores really small, so I could make one for every holiday and not feel guilty about taking up too much storage space for decorations.

Thank you, Vanessa for your cute ideas! And to the rest of you, you should really visit her blog and her shop and she's on etsy too - Uptown Jane.

So to start I made 6" squares of 7 fabrics I had chosen at the store. Vanessa used charm packs that are 5" squares, but I made mine bigger because I wanted to and I could seeing how I bought all of my cuts of fabric. On my sparkly fabric, I did 8" squares because they were going to be layered behind some other squares.
Then I ironed them in half. *Note: I should have ironed them outside out. But it worked this way too*
Then I marked them with a pencil from corner to opposite diagonal corner.
Then cut along this mark with pinking shears.
After this was done, I ironed them all flat again.

Then I pulled out a full package of bias tape. And because it was 10:30 the night before my oldest daughter's birthday at this point, I forgot to take any more pictures. I also found out that I had way too many squares for the length of bias tape. But after playing around with the layout of what fabric went where and which ones to leave out, I found a pattern that satisfied me.

I pinned and then sewed it on. If I didn't have the layered flags, I could have done it without pinning, but trying to get everything in line with the layers proved easier with a little pinning. Then I sewed it on the bias tape leaving a little extra on the ends for finishing the ends nicely and tying up to display when done.

Here is the finished product. Vanessa has a better tutorial here. Go check it out!

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