earring holder

I found this cute idea for a cheap and easy earring holder HERE...

You will need:
Old picture frames
Some leftover lace
A staple gun with SMALL staples
Spray Paint

I went to D.I. and found these two picture frames for a dollar each. I think it's a good idea to find pictures frames that are in fairly good shape and have interesting designs. The bigger red picture frame that I bought had cracks in the corners so spray painting it and making it look nice was a chore.

Next go get some spray paint. It took one can for me to spray paint the both of these. Apply several coats.

As you can see, in the top right corner of the bigger frame, there is a crack. That was hard to cover up.

I bought lace for less than a dollar at a fabric store. As you can see, you only need a little bit. I found a little leaf design in the lace and cut it to fit in the frame.

Next staple the lace on the corners to keep it in place. I then stapled left to right, top to bottom on the inside of the frame to make it tight. You will need the smallest staples possible so they don't staple through the frame. This part can be a bit tricky but have patience.

Voila! Here is the finished product: an EASY, super CHEAP (I'm talking less than 5$), and CUTE way to organize all your earrings.


  1. Very cute!!! Christy needs to see this for a YW project.