Felt fruit

Something that I've recently become very interested in is felt fruit. All you need to do to explore the world of felt fruit is simply google the phrase and you'll likely become as obsessed as I am! I decided to try making my own, although if you would like to make one from a pattern there are many sites that sell patterns to make the fruit. This is the first time I have attempted to make felt fruit but I plan to post more in the future!
I decided to try a tomato this time around.
First I cut a square (round is actually recommended) of red felt,
then I gathered cotton to stuff the tomato, and then I threaded red thread.

After all this I took the red thread and tied a knot at the end and then stiched in and out around the edge of the fabric. Halfway through i realized it would be better for the felt to be round rather than square so I adjusted the shape by cutting off the corners.

After I sticked the tomato I pulled the string tight and stuffed it with cotton so it would hold it's shape while I finished stitching.
After I stuffed the tomato I tied off the stitch to hold the tomato in place. Then I pulled out a square of green felt. I cut stem with three legs to look like leaves coming off the tomato. The stem I used green thread and stitched around the stem to tighten it into place so that it would stand up straight and look more like a stem. Lastly I stiched the stem on to the tomato. Not my best work but hopefully I'll get better as I attempt other fruits and veggies! (perhaps even some dessert!)

This may not be enough to get you excited about felt fruit but take the time to google it and look at the images the result in the search! It is fun and i'm excited to make an assortment of fruit for my children!

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