decorative balls

Decorative balls are super popular right now. I ran across this simple and ridiculously CHEAP way to make your own that look just as cool as anything you can buy. The original tutorial is HERE... Hers turned out better than mine because she primed them with spray paint primer and used different colors. I learned the hard way that spray paint eats foam so don't make my mistake!

You will need:

Foam balls (I used 4 inch and 2 inch Smooth Foam balls, they were cheaper)
Glue gun
Bag of dried pinto beans (I am sure different beans would work)
Spray paint primer
Spray paint

Get your ball and just start gluing. For my first one I did a plain uniform ball but my smaller one was swirled (see top picture to compare) and I liked it better. You can experiment.

When you are done gluing, you just SPRAY IT WITH PRIMER and then two or three coats of spray paint.

You can put them on shelves, book cases or in a bowl as a center piece. I am going to make a couple more small ones and stack them in this bowl.



  1. Those are SO adorable. I must have them! Love all your crafts!

  2. I saw you spraying those last weekend. I was hoping I got to see some pictures :) Way cute idea

  3. Ok that turned out awespme! I have to admit when you showed me at first I was thinking....I don't know... but it looks dang cool!

  4. SO cute. This is going to be my next "when the kids are in bed" project. Love it!

  5. I have to try this!! I actually have a bunch of styro balls that I was wondering what to do with!!! yay!!