Candy Bouquet

I've posted on how to make fake flower bouquets and today I'm going to post on how to make a candy bouquet. I don't do much different from the fake flower bouquet except add candy accents.
I purchased a vase, fake flowers, black river rocks, skewers, wire, and candy (jolly ranchers and lindt chocolate balls). I also used pliers and ribbon that I had on hand.
I seperated the individual flowers with pliers so that I could arrange the bouquet how I wanted it. Then I poured the rocks into the vase and arranged the flowers.

After I got the flowers how I wanted them to look I stuffed jolly ranchers around the top of the vase. I didn't fill the vase all the way to the top with rocks so that I would have room to put candy in the vase. Next time I would leave even more room since I was only able to put a few pieces of candy in.
Next I took skewers and wrapped them with wire.

Then I put the lindt chocolate balls inside the wire and I put the skewers in the bouquet. (The skewers were a little long so I had to cut them down about 4 inches)
Finally, I tied a yellow ribbon on the bottom of the vase, both to hide the flowers stems and to add flair!


  1. Super cute, Keri!! I love the one I have! And even when the chocolate is gone, the wire pieces make a nice accented addition!

  2. Thanks April! I'm glad you like yours!