Fresh Flowers

Don't you love it when you have a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but hate it when they die within 3 days of having them? I have a problem getting my fresh flowers to last. I went to a conference for work last week and I attended a Floral Design class taught by the BYU Campus Crafts and Floral.

First of all, don't be afraid to cut your flowers and rearrange them in a more pleasing way. You can be much more creative than removing the cellophane wrapping and putting it in a vase.

To keep your flowers fresh longer:
~You don't want the green leafy parts of your flowers to be in the water. This creates more bacteria which kills your flowers faster.
~Keep your flowers in warm water; you want it to be warmer than your body temperature.
~Cut ends of flowers every day.
~Change the water every day. If you can, clean the vase with soap and water to get rid of the bacteria.

I practiced some of the skills I learned from that class and from Keri's post about floral arrangements and got to work.

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