Heat Press Vinyl

I LoveLOVELove Vinyl. It is so easy to decorate with, easier than painting, comes in so many colors.... But now I have found something so fantastic in the world of vinyl... Heat press Vinyl. It is different than your regular vinyl, but once you cut it (in any shape you would like) you can apply it to fabric with your iron and then it is stuck there, just like screen printing (but without the ink!)

I have been experimenting with making t-shirts and personalized dish towels, but unfortunately we are having a problem with uploading today... so here are some pictures and a tutorial about heat press vinyl...

(Picture taken by Vanessa @ V & Co.)

For a great vinyl tutorial also by Vanessa @ V & Co. go HERE


  1. Awesome! I'm gonna have to try this!

  2. Where do you get this stuff?! I love it!

  3. I found uncut sheets at craftvinyl.com

    If you do a little searching there are people who sell already cut designs, if you don't have a Cricut or other vinyl cutting machine.