fabric flowers

I have fallen in love with making fabric flowers as hair accessories or as a brooch. I learned to make the traditional silk flower or ribbon ones awhile ago and I love them, but I have been wanting to branch out and find different, more interesting ones. Just searching the internet for fabric flower tutorials will give you TONS of ideas if you fall in love with it as much as me. This week, my cousin came over and we made these three different designs. I didn't list my own instructions on how to make these because I figured visiting the already made tutorials would be easier.

The first idea came from Rhonna Designs, check out her tutorial HERE... I seriously LOVE these flowers! I made two for me, one for a friend, and one for my mother-in-law. I am so excited to wear it. Not only is it gorgeous, but it's cheap and SUPER easy.

The second flower comes from Sew 4 Home, the tutorial for this one is HERE... I love the shabby chic look of these flowers. I have seen several different versions of this flower but this one is my favorite. I think it would look so cute as an embellishment on a bag or just as a cute hair clip. My only complaint about this one was that it was a pain to sew together. I skipped the sewing halfway through and just super glued it to some felt backing. SOO much easier.

Finally, I found the idea for this little clip at The Creative Crate, tutorial is HERE... I personally think her clips are much cuter than mine so check it out. I made this one for my daughter's hair and she loves it. A cute variation of this clip is to get satin fabric and burn the edges, similar to the first flower. Then layer between pieces of lace. I love that idea but I didn't have any satin fabric.

So there you have it, three new flower clips. I got a brooch, a purse embellishment, and a hair clip for my daughter all in one day. It has been so fun making them, I definitely want to try some more.

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  1. Ok megan, So I thought this post was by Magen at first and I kept getting confused when you kept saying your daughter, I was like...Magen doesn't have a daughter! They're stinkin cute!