Cheap Cardboard fun

I am a huge fan of closet organizers. Just about any store you go to now will supply a person with any size, shape, or color of a carboard box with which to organize your closet. However, as fun as these boxes are they are surprisingly expensive, for cardboard. Until I can afford to go crazy buying fun little boxes I have come up with a different solution.
I buy a box of luv diapers once or twice a month. This is a lot of cardboard and I have decided to put it to use. These boxes are the perfect size to store all my daughter's winter/summer clothes but just for fun I made the box a little pretty.
Start with your ordinary cardboard box, it doesn't have to be a diaper box. I painted mine white so that I will be able to read the lettering that I paint on it next.
After the paint dried I used a pencil to outline winter on one side, summer on the other. At this point any stencil can be used (flowers, words, whatever floats your boat!).

Then I simply painted in the letters.

Now I can put my daughter's winter clothes in the box and face the side of the box with winter out. Then in October when I want to pull out the sweaters and stash all the shorts I just flip the box around with summer on the other side which now conatins all the summer clothes.

Be forewarned, should you go upstairs and start blogging about your new closet organizer and leave red paint for a three year old child to get into, you may find some new additions to your box.

They aren't the fanciest boxes for storage but if you can't afford to buy a matching set from the store and want to make use of cardboard you have around this might work for you!


  1. What a great idea! I love that you can use the same box for two seasons! And I love the personalized box your daughter made!!

  2. HAHAHA! Keri I was just about to post this SAME thing! HAHAHAHA! Great Minds....

  3. Ha ha! Sorry Magen! I'm interested to see what your boxes turned out like. I didn't put as much time as I wanted into them so they aren't as cute as I wanted!