Sauteing Veggies

My favorite things to create are wonderful and delicious meals. I am taking a cooking class and have learned many useful tips. The one I probably use the most, a technique that I was doing incorrectly before this class, is sauteing vegetables.
You first have to heat the oil in the frying pan; you will need enough oil to come halfway up your veggies. My favorite vegetables to saute are green beans. When you put your green beans in the pan, you have to make sure the pan isn't too overcrowded or your oil will get cold and your beans will by soggy. They must be served immediately, because they don't hold well.

Roasted Green Beans

1 lb green beans, ends removed or frozen
olive oil
to taste- salt, pepper, garlic, onions

1. Drizzle oil in pan. Allow to heat.
2. Add green beans. For best results, make sure the beans don't overlap too much.
3. Stir occasionally to make sure all the beans get coated with oil. Add seasonings.
4. Taste to test for doneness.

Sorry I don't have any picture for this week, but these green beans go well with almost any dish. And they are way simple.


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