Flower Bouquet

Growing up my mother used fake flowers often and I have to say, I abhorred them.
Fake flowers always looked ugly to me and were never a good replacement for a real bouquet. I still feel that fake flowers are never better than a real bouquet of fresh flowers but as I have grown I have also hit reality.
Fresh Flowers are expensive.
The quality of flowers has improved over the years (that or my mother never shopped for the more expensive fake flowers).Flowers found at Micheals or Hobby Lobby can be quite beautiful and I've even found nice flowers at Wal-mart. It is cheaper to buy a couple bouquets to display over several seasons than to consistently keep up with fresh flowers.

It has taken some tweaking but I think I've been able to put together an arrangement that it nice even though it is fake. I've also purchased most of my flowers from the dollar store. It requires a little creativity to make a bouquet from cheaper quality flowers but it can be done! It isn't necessary to buy the most expensive arrangement out there. Some of you may wnat the nicer flowers just know that it can be done cheaply and still turn out nice.
When I first started making Bouquets I began with candy. I still make some of my bouquets for special occasions (baby showers, birthdays and graduations) with candy but it is optional. I will post another time with candy bouquets.

The tools that are required are:
Needle nose pliers
A vase
Flower arrangement of your choosing
River rocks

I just want to reiterate, I bought ALL of this (except the candy) at the dollar store (Honks).

First place the river rocks in the vase. Then arrange the flowers however you like. I purchased four seperate bouquets and then used only the flowers that I liked for this bouquet. I cliped all the flowers individually so that I could arrange it better. I like to look for arrangements that include greenery because it makes the flowers look more realistic. This bouquet is wrapped with a yellow ribbon because the flower stems showed through the vase because the vase is more narrow. Smaller white rocks would have hidden the stems better but I prefer the larger river rocks. It is fairly simple, and it does add to the enviroment of the home without costing too much.

It is fun and easy and a hobby that isn't to expensive to start up. It also makes a nice gift for friends or family that they can enjoy longer than a real bouquet.



  1. I love your ideas!! This is something even I can possibly handle.

  2. Keri, I didn't know you had a blog (I guess everyone does but me:)! Saw your link on Facebook so I thought I would check it out. You rock! I love all of your clever ideas. One of my favorite past times is to surf the web and check out crafting/decoration blogs so "someday" I can make them myself! Keep up the fun work :) -Auntie Cara