Toddler Bed

Welcome to Day 1 of the Desire 2 Create blog! I saw this adorable toddler bed on a friend's facebook and she directed me to the website Design Sponge. I love the modern/simple look of it. The whole project could be done in a Saturday afternoon and it costs less than 50$, that is if you do one toddler bed like we did and you have a mattress. The instructions on the website are for two toddler beds, but it is easy to adapt to one. It could also be made for a twin (which is what my friend did) or a bigger size. The home decorator fabric and high loft batting was less than 20$ with JoAnn coupons so keep your eyes peeled for good deals.

We cut a small hole in the wood so that the top can be lifted up to get to storage underneath.

Ben admiring our fabulous new staple gun.

Ta Da! It holds tons of storage! My favorite part.



  1. That looks GREAT! Love the storage option!

  2. What an awesome idea...where were you when my kids were little??? I could have used this idea then. How fun!!!

  3. LOVE this!!! Can't wait to do this for my new little one! I'll probably need your help when I do though!

  4. I love it!!! seriously! The storage is the best part of the whole thing! It's like adding a closet to our low storage space homes!