To Create.....

Since Megan asked me to join in on this blog I have been wondering, what do I create? What do I want to create?

"No matter what you read of hear, no matter what the differences of circumstances you observe in the lives of women around you, it is important for Latter-day Saint women to understand that the Lord holds motherhood and mothers sacred and in the highest esteem. He has entrusted to his daughters the great responsibility of bearing and nurturing children. THis is the great irreplacable work of women. Life cannot go on if women cease to bear children. Mich is said about the drudgery and the confinement of the woman's role in the home. In the perspective of the gospel it is not so.
There is a challenge in creating the environment in which a child can grow and develop. There is a partnership between the man and the woman in building a family which can last throughout the eternities." Pres. Spencer W. Kimball

This quote hangs on my fridge... And as I read it this morning, I realized that is what I want to create. I want to make my home a place where my children can grow and learn and develop and feel safe and have fun....So, here I go on my first day of sharing some of the things I am doing to Create a Home.

Vinyl lettering is very popular right now... and I love it. I have sayings all over my home and I am always looking for a new one. Last fall I had a wonderful idea to put the vinyl on my window...directly on the glass. It was SO easy. I simply marked the center with some masking tape (or painter's tape) and marked a straight line with tape at the height I want my lettering. Peeled off the backing and rubbed it on. Here is the final project.

What is YOUR masterpiece? Every time I read this I am reminded to do my BEST at whatever I am doing...If I am playing with my boys--I should make that my masterpiece. If I am folding laundry--make that my masterpiece. As another part of my CREATE a HOME project, I am determined NOT to say NO to something simply becuase it might be "MESSY"....

I hope you have a wonderful weekend CREATING your HOME....Have a Happy Easter!


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  1. I love....LOVE the idea of putting vinyl lettering on the window! Thanks for sharing!!!