Easter Decorations

Easter has come and gone, and it left a bunch of plastic eggs. I decided to make myself some Easter decorations. All you need is your leftover eggs, a glue gun and stickers.

I arranged mine in a pattern and glued the bottom row together first. Then I glued the top eggs individually to the bottom. Then I added the stickers.

It didn't stand up on its own so I did have to add eggs behind to help it stand up.

I had even more eggs so I decided to make a wreath. All you need for this project are your plastic eggs, a drill, gauged wire (20 or 22 gauge), ribbon and a glue gun just in case.
I started by drilling holes in each end of the egg. Then I threaded them onto the wire. I tied the wire ends together inside of an egg so it would be hidden.
I did add a little glue to help them stay a little better.
Then I added the bow.

I tried using only glue, but they kept breaking apart and it was harder to get them even. By threading the eggs on the wire, it will help it to last longer.


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  1. Cute ideas!! Thanks for sharing. This is such a fun blog.