For this project you can find everything you need at Hobby Lobby or any craft store. This is an easy project and it is also something that you can pour your own creative interest into.

To start with you will need needle nose pliers or something simliar to help manipulate the wire. You will also need two pieces for the earrings, Hook earwires and eyepins. You can use headpins if you desire, they don't have an eyelet at the bottom. From here you can bend the eyelet to create any shape you choose, or you can bead it. I usually connect the eyelet on the bottom of the eyepin to the eyelet at the bottom of the hook. This is upside down but I find that it is easier. After you finish beading or bending take the needle nose pliers and open the eyelet on the eyepin, just slightly. Slip it into the Hook eyelet and then pinch it closed. Below are some examples.

Let me just say that these are very basic designs. You can get incredibly creative and there are a lot of fun things out there to add to your earrings. This website has wholesale prices of MANY options worth taking a look at. Millions of beads and fun things! www.firemountaingems.com

If you live in Logan, UT, a great place that offers beading materials is Beadles Original beads. It is a great little store that also has a huge supply of fun beads.