Super Easy Mosaic

I have to apologize... due to some technical difficulties I am posting today instead of yesterday. Sorry :)

I recently saw a mosaic at Pottery Barn, which was SO cool, but way TOO expensive for our budget. That mosaic was made of wood and tile, which must be really really heavy too and somewhat dangerous. (What if it fell on one of my children!?)

What you need:
Scrapbook Paper
Foam Brush
Foam Core or Art Canvas

What I did:
1. Get your scrapbook paper. I wanted a mosaic that was monochromatic, so all of my paper was red, but some were darker and had different patterns.
2. Cut or Punch a lot of squares. I have a square punch that is about 1 1/4 inches and that is what I used. I don't have any idea how many I punched, I just kept punching until I had a large bowl full.
3. Get out your ModgePodge. I used an art canvas board (from Walmart) for this mosaic. (I took a ruler and made a straight line through the middle, but I wouldn't worry too much about having everything perfectly straight and square. I tried to think and plan out how it would look and it almost drove me crazy.)
Mix up your squares in your bowl and pull one out, using the ModgePodge align it to one side of your canvas. Grab anough piece (totally random) and stick it on next moving from Left to Right. When you get to the end you might have a square that hangs off the edge and that is ok, we will fix it later.

Now do the same thing going from Right to Left. Repeat until you have filled your entire canvas.

4. Spread a nice layer of modgepodge over the whole thing and let it dry.
5. Take a pair of scissors and cut off the squares that over hang and then take a rough sandpaper and rough up the entire edge of your mosaic. And you are done!

You can tell that my squares aren't perfect, but I love how it turned out.


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